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The UB Jewish Community

UB has a large, very active Jewish community, with a number of organizations and programs for the approximately 1500 Jewish undergrads and 700 Jewish graduate students. Besides the JLSA, these groups include:
  • Jewish Students Association
    Organized and funded through UB's Graduate Students Association, the Jewish Students Association (JSA) covers graduate students who are members of the GSA (i.e. all graduate students except for law, medical, dental, and management students).

  • Jewish Student Union
    Run completely by UB students and funded solely by the UB Student Association's activity fee, the Jewish Student Union (JSU) serves UB's undergraduate population and operates indepent of Hillel of Buffalo.

  • Hillel of Buffalo
    As part of the national network of Hillels, Hillel of Buffalo is administered by a professional staff, with the help student interns and volunteers. Hillel's mission is to serve the Jewish community at UB by fostering Jewish involvement, strengthening Jewish identity, and empowering Jewish students to be today's campus leaders and become tomorrow's community leaders. Hillel is a pluralistic community where cultural, spiritual, educational and social aspects of Jewish life can be explored, experienced and celebrated.

  • Chabad House of Buffalo
    Run by Chabad-Lubavitch, the Chabad House (with locations near both the North and South campuses) serves as a welcoming place for Jewish worship in Buffalo. Chabad House invites all Jewish students for weekly Shabbat services and dinners. Friday night services begin after sundown and are followed by a home made Shabbat dinner one of the best meals you'll ever have in college. They also offer classes on Judaism and the Torah and have holiday services. The rabbi, Noson Gurary, has also taught Jewish law at UB Law.

  • Judaic Studies Program
    Run through the Department of Classics, the Judaic Studies program is available as a special major with UB's College of Arts and Sciences. The program offers classes in Hebrew, Yiddish, Jewish history, Jewish literature, Jewish law, and any number of other topics.