405-k-C454e Secure Print Instructions:

1.) Select Print from your desired program
2.) Choose the 405-k-C454e Print Queue and Click Preferences

3.) Click on the "Basic" Tab

4 ) Click the arrow under "Output Method" and choose "Secure Print"

5 ) Enter any "Secure Print ID" and "Password". It doesn't matter what it is as long as you remember them both. This setting may stay set between print jobs so it is suggested you pick something you will definitely remember (it can be changed later if need be on consecutive print jobs by clicking the "user settings button right under "Output Method". *A suggestion would be to use your UBITName for Secure Print ID and your copy code for Password
6. ) Click OK
7. ) Click Print

8. ) Enter your copy code for "Password". The"Deptment Name" can be left blank
9. ) Click OK

10. ) At C454e copier in Room 405 Enter your copy code and press Login

11. ) Press "Menu" Hardware Button on upper right side

12. ) Press "Secure Print" Box on Screen

13. ) Enter your Department ID & Password from Step 5 (UBITName and copy code, if you followed our recommendation)
14. ) Press OK on Screen

15. ) Select Print Job by pressing it and then hit "Print"

16. ) *Optional (Change printing options as needed)
17. ) Press blue "Start" hardware button at bottom (should be now illuminated with a blue glow

19. ) You can press "Access" hardware button at the right to have it return to the intial login screen
20. ) You are done, take your print out